Operations Manager at SmartOwner

Bangalore - India
Job Description:
Your role will be to coordinate with various departments within our company to ensure a seamless flow of tasks to accomplish project goals. Your key responsibilities will be improving the operational systems, processes, and policies in support of the organization's mission - specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business processes, and organizational planning. You'll also coordinate with various departments to ensure smooth work flow, ensure accurate database uploads for documents and forms of clients and partners, and drive initiatives for long term operational excellence. You will be an excellent communicator, have an eye for detail leading to accurate judgment and decision making skills, proactive work style, and a minimum of 3 years experience in an operations role.
Company Description:
SmartOwner is India’s first and largest marketplace for property investors. Founded by highly successful entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley who are also alumni of Harvard, Stanford and the University of California, their innovative business model and highly scalable technology platform enables users to access high value assets safely and transparently and achieve superior returns on their investments.
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